REPS 101 - Online FAQ

Census Definitions

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LOA (Leave of Absence)

Use this if someone leaves for a while but is coming back. Most communities do not use this at all. If you’re using REPS as your go-to source to know who is in the building at any given moment (like in case of an emergency), then you might want to use this, but for most, it’s overkill.



This should be used when someone is changing rooms but staying in the same care level. An example would ...

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Finding the People with Specific Apartment Preferences

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Client's Question:

We need help trying to pull a report. We want to know who in our lead base prefers a specific type of apartment. More specifically, a report of who prefers 2BRs and so on.


I would pull a contact listing report (Reports -> Marketing -> Contact Listing).

On that screen you don’t have to add a...

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