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Reason #2 You're Losing Sales, from Ian Brodie

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on December 8, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Ian Brodie, a bright guy who helps people, in his words, "attract more clients and win more new business" had a great email newsletter this week about how people lose sales...

He explains that since we, as sales people, are often problem solvers, we fully understand how big a problem our prospects might have on their hands if they don't use our services. We also fully understand how our solutions can solve their problem and that our price is reasonable, given the scope of their problem. 

But the problem is that we don't go a good enough job helping them see how big their problem might be. They might not understand the full ramifications of not using your solution. They see the problem as a small, easily-fixed one, which leads them to think the solution should be cheap and easy to implement.

As Brodie explains, "Before you jump into problem solving mode you must work with your potential client to explore the impact of the problem or opportunity they have. Not just superficially - fully. The knock-on and contingent impacts too. And you need to help them see the impact for themselves - not just tell them what it is. Ask them questions to help them figure it out."

His post is great. Check it out. Reason #2 You're Losing Sales

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