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How to Enter Re-inquiries

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on May 23, 2016 at 4:25 PM

What is a re-inquiry?

"Re-inquiry" is the label REPS uses to describe each time an existing lead reaches out to you in response to some sort of marketing tactic you've put into the market place. They may be responding to a post card, an ad they saw in the newspaper, or might be calling because their friend told them they should attend an event. Any time a lead who is already in your database calls you (or emails you) and says some version of "hey, I saw your name on that new [insert marketing tactic here] and I'd like more info..." that's a re-inquiry. The whole point of tracking this information is so you can know which marketing tactics are working to reengage your leads.

A quick note: you can decide internally whether a re-inquiry only counts if the lead has been quiet for a certain time period or if it should count any time they initiate contact. From our perspective, we would count it every time a lead reaches out to us because we want to know all of the times people respond to our tactics. Otherwise, how will we know which ones got a response?

So, how do we track them?

Re-inquiries used to be tracked with the Source 2 field. While Source 2 worked on a superficial level, it wasn’t the most helpful because once you added a new source, historical information was lost. During a recent REPS update, source 2 became obsolete and we recommend hiding it.

If you're still using Source 2, you’re missing out on a lot of great information. How do you track more than one, two or three sources? What if someone responds to 20 different tactics? How would you track that?

Here's how: The very first time a prospect contacts you, enter the initial source when completing the first activity -- how did they hear about you or where did they get your phone number on that day? The first source is required when adding a new lead into REPS.



Once the initial source has been entered, the initial source field on the contact page is greyed out. You can adjust the initial source by editing the first activity, if needed. Typically, you shouldn’t change that initial source once it’s been added, but in our example above, where we picked "Unknown" as the first source code, we would want to update it once we got more details from the lead. 


Adding re-inquiries is done when you add subsequent activities. Any time they call you, or email you, they could be responding to a different source; that's a re-inquiry. For example, if Johnny called in to RSVP for an event, you would add that call in as an activity and add the source for the direct mail piece related to that event. Any time someone calls or contacts you, when they say “I saw your ad in the newspaper,” or “I received your postcard,” you’re going to want to track that. Adding the source code to that call in (or email) will count it as a re-inquiry.

However, if you talk to them four or five times over the course of a few days, you only add the new source once. Each time you add a source, it counts as another re-inquiry and you don’t want to add a source code for every call in if they RSVP multiple times to the same event or respond multiple times to the same ad. The point of tracking re-inquiries is to see which sources are most effective at re-engaging and prompting folks to call in. If they respond to the new source, you add it once in activities.



Pulling Reports:

There are a few different reports you can run. Frankly, we think the built-in re-inquiry reports are less-than-adequate but we'll show you them here, just so you understand your options.

To analyze re-inquires with the built-in report, go to Reports -> Analysis -> Re-Inquiry Analysis Summary. This will show you the sources that leads have responded to by activity type, after the initial inquiry. For a basic list, enter the date range and hit print. You can also pull by event or mail piece; it will be sorted based on the activity type.



On the re-inquiry analysis summary page, when you’re selecting criteria and selections, please be aware of the “Exclude Attempted Activities” option.



It’s up to you if you want the report to show the attempted activities. Attempted activities are ones where the result code was something like "left message" or "event-cancel." In other words, activities where the activity wasn't completed successfully. Do you want those counting as re-inquiries?

As we said, we're not a fan of that report. It's confusing and hard to use. For a more reliable list, go to Reports -> Marketing -> Contact Listing, add re-inquiry date and re-inquiry source to the field selections. In the "Sort by" section, choose to sort by re-inquiry date, then hit print and you’ll see the re-inquiry sources and dates at the bottom of the list.

A line item will come up for each time someone re-inquired, so a lead may show up on your list multiple times. If you just want re-inquiries from a certain time period, you'll need to look at just those rows. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to pull the re-inquiries from a certain time frame. You have to pull them all then just look at the dates you care about. Even with this limitation, we think this report is more reliable than the built-in one.


Let us know if you need further information or help on hiding source 2 or tracking re-inquiries!


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