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What to do When a Spouse Dies

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on August 11, 2015 at 2:05 PM

Here’s what to do when one member of the couple passes away:

What you don’t want to do is delete or deactivate them because there could be historical activities or other notes associated with the person who passed away. There isn’t a standard way the system wants you to handle it, so I see two decent options for dealing with the death. In either case, you start by hitting “Swap 2nd Person” on the Prospect Page. You always need to have the surviving spouse as the main prospect. This is especially important for residents.

Okay, so after that, you have two options:

One is to put the first name of the deceased person in parenthesis and leave it there in the 2nd Person box. It looks kind of funny, but that’s one of the points. I generally suggest putting parenthesis around the first name of anyone who dies so that everyone who looks at the record knows instantly that they have died. This way, you never lose the information about the person (like their name or birthday) but it’s very clear that they have died. Don't put the last name in parenthesis, though, because it won't show up in search results if the first character is a parenthesis. One other benefit of doing this is that if you create a mailing list, if you sort by first name during your prep process, everyone who has passed away comes to the top of the list, grouped together, and you can delete them easily, all at once.

The second option is to replace the first name of the deceased 2nd person with the word “none.” You can’t delete the entry, but you can change it to “none” so you don’t have bad data in that box.

My recommendation would be the first option, with the parenthesis, but the second option will keep your data clean too. For residents, after you swap them so the deceased person is listed as the second person, you need to move out the deceased person. On the census page for the lead, you should see a “View Spouse Record” button near the upper right corner. If you hit that one, you should be able to move out the deceased person without affecting the surviving person’s info.

We talked about the details of this in one of our webinars. If you want more details, you can view that webinar here:


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