Senior Living CRM Optimization & Training

The first step to getting valuable analysis on your sales and marketing efforts is making sure your database is set up in a way that makes things easy for the sales team, then make sure the team gets the training they need to use it effectively. We will perform a full audit of your database to help you answer the following questions:

  • Does my team really know how to take advantage of the ways our CRM can help them sell?
  • Are we tracking the right data to really understand our efforts?
  • Does our team know the right codes to pick in each situation to give us consistent data?
  • Are we following up with our leads in a timely manner?
  • Are we wasting time and effort collecting the same information in more than one place?
  • Is our data clean? How many duplicate records are in our database?

After our audit, we'll give you a comprehensive report of observations and recommendations. We will address ways that database management can be improved, suggest simplified codes that will streamline the whole process, and will train your team about how they can get more out of the system. We will also make all of the recommended changes, based on your feedback. Please contact us to get started!

TRS Training Options

We offer a variety of options for training your team. If they're just brushing up their skills, self directed  online mini lessons and webinars are available. But for training new hires or folks who don't know your CRM at all, we recommend on-site or remote training with one of our experts. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the options.

Here are some of the things recent clients have said about the training we offer:

  • Kate explained things very well and was easy to follow. She listened to what was important to us. I learned more about REPS in two days than the entire time I've been using it, which is 10-plus years!
  • Kate made it easy to understand new concepts. She listened to our concerns and addressed all of them. She also showed us basic tools we didn't even know we had. I wish we'd had this training much sooner!
  • I liked the relaxed approach and honest, kind response to questions with the closure of being sure we understood the explanation. I think she did a fantastic job and is a great trainer!
  • Kate was really excellent. Very 'user friendly,' allowing for questions (many!) along the way and with a wonderful style and approach. Accessible, very knowledgeable, candid. Lots of hands-on opportunities and awareness of various and differing skill levels. She, and the training, were great!
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