Industry Benchmarks for Senior Living

Taylor Reporting Solutions works with more than 50 CCRCs across the country and we've compiled some fascinating sales and marketing data from all those databases. Our reports put your numbers in a side-by-side comparison to the averages so it's easy for you to see how you stack up. Our benchmarking reports give you real-time answers to the following questions, and many more like them:

    How many phone calls does a typical sales counselor make each week?
    How many appointments should it take to make a sale?
    How many leads do most communities generate each year? Per counselor? Per IL unit?
    What kind of conversion rates can I really expect in today's market?

Check out a sample benchmark report here!

When you work with Taylor Reporting Solutions, you'll have ongoing access to these numbers. And if you have a question about a data point that we haven't analyzed yet, we'll get right on it! We want to know what "typical" is so we can help you figure out how to improve!

With the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening with your colleagues and how your efforts compare, you will be able to identify where your sales and marketing efforts excel and where they need a boost. Our benchmarking reports will save you time and allow you to refocus your efforts on making sales and increasing occupancy.

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