Lead Ranking - Helping find the best leads in your CRM!

What is Lead Ranking?

Our lead ranking tool is designed to find the leads in your database that have exhibited behaviors that are most similar to your recent buyers and to “typical” buyers in our industry. We’ve been digging deep to identify the traits and behaviors of buyers. Now we’re applying that knowledge to existing lead bases to find the folks who look just like buyers, but who have fallen through the cracks. Once we run a database through our tool, we deliver short, manageable lists of your best leads, which your sales team can use when they’re making calls.


And because we’re obsessed with data, we’ve built our tool on science; there’s no willy-nilly, arbitrary points for things we assume are important. We’ve calculated correlations and know what’s important. When we apply that knowledge to your lead base, we can rank your leads from “most like a buyer” to “least like a buyer” so you know who to focus on.


Whether you call it “lead ranking,” “lead scoring,” “predictive analytics,” or something else, there are a handful of tools on the market today that are designed to help you find the best leads in your system. Click here if you're interested in what makes our tool unique.

Our algorithm focuses on people you’ve forgotten about.

Generally, our ranked lists don’t focus on, or identify, your hottest leads. We’re assuming that you know those people. Our lists identify cooler leads who are acting just like depositors, but have fallen through the cracks. Any data append can tell you which leads are age- and income-qualified in your database; we’ll get you that information as part of the process, but that’s not the goal of this tool. Our goal is to help you answer the question: “who should I call next?” and we do that by showing you the people who have exhibited behaviors just like the rest of your depositors. We’re helping you find the gold nuggets that have been forgotten about.

Along those lines, we believe that status code needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Hot leads don’t get more points than cold leads. People who look just like depositors get the most points, regardless of status code.

We’re excited to be offering this service to our clients now. Contact us today if you’d like to talk about pricing and other details!

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