The Data append allows you to import new demographic data directly into your CRM

If the leads in your database have been in there for more than a few years, it may be time to perform a data append. Find out the age, income, assets, home value, net worth, prior occupations, hobbies, marital status, religion and more for every lead in your database and then import that data right into your CRM so it's available to your entire team with the click of a button. 

Use this information to rank leads, prioritize your call list and segment mailing lists. Sure, your team can manually input some of this data after each conversation, but with hundreds or thousands of active leads, it's much more efficient to buy the data all at once and feed it directly into your CRM. And it's much cheaper than you might think. 

Pick basic data like marital status and gender, or more interesting things like assets and household income. You can also learn about more obscure details, like how many boats each household owns or whether they're pet owners.

Here's how a data append works:

1. First, we help you decide which records to get information about -- you probably don't want to append records of people who have passed away, but some of your other Lost Lead categories may be hiding some sales so we can include them.

2. You then decide what type of data you want to look up. There are a few ways the new information can be organized, so it's important to buy the right sets of data. Then we'll work with a few database companies to purchase the data you've decided is relevant. 

3. They'll send us a ton of coded files that we'll clean up and prep for import into your database. We'll also prepare a summary of the findings, which you can use to identify which, if any, leads you want to Lost Lead, and which ones are the most qualified.

4. Next, we'll set up your CRM so there's a good place to store the new information.

5. Lastly, we'll work with your CRM program to get the data imported back into your database.

Taylor Reporting Solutions can manage this whole process for you, including cleaning up the Excel file from the list company and managing the back-and-forth between the list company and your CRM.

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