The TRS Story


In the Beginning

In 2006, when Kate Phelps was hired at Retirement Living Services (RLS), part of her job was to

compile data from each client and transform it into pretty charts and graphs that could be included in their marketing plans. Each month, when the updated data came from the clients, she was frustrated to see that it never matched up from the previous month. Instead of using reports from REPS, clients sent manual Excel files into which they would just type their numbers. Everyone at RLS would beg them to put data into REPS and tried to convince them that "if it's not in REPS, it didn't happen," but it was a hard sell. More often than not, RLS managers had to look at those manual reports instead of REPS reports to pay commissions and understand what their clients were up to.

Out of pure frustration, Kate finally said enough and built her own Excel package of reports that would work directly with REPS. The result was that Kate could say to clients "stop sending us your reports each week. You just put stuff in REPS and I’ll send you reports each week." No more manual reports! The reports worked great. After Kate went in and standardized codes for clients, RLS was able to compare apples to apples across databases. Having access to dozens of databases also allowed Kate to identify best practices then share that information with clients. Everyone was happy!

When RLS was bought, Kate’s job was eliminated so she started thinking about what to do next. It didn’t take much thought. When clients heard she was leaving, they said, "Wait! We still need our Kate reports! Can’t we just keep paying you to send them, Kate? And Taylor Reporting Solutions was born.

When Kate went out on her own in 2009, she had four clients. There was lots of time to dig as deep into their data as she could go. She dissected REPS until she knew more about it than almost anyone and that led to her becoming a certified REPS trainer. Over the years, TRS has worked with hundreds of communities helping them get their REPS database working in tip-top shape and training their sales teams to be REPS power users.


TRS Today

For seven years Kate has been happily immersed in the nuts and bolts of senior living CRM software. Her passion for figuring out exactly how the programs work and how to get the most from them has made her an expert, but it’s her analytical mind that has led to the expansion of her CRM solutions. She now speaks to senior living organizations including twice to the Marketing and Public Relations Society, and twice at Leading Age, the annual senior living conference. TRS has branched out and now supports most major senior living CRM programs. New products include the TRS Lead Ranking Tool, CRM Audits, Optimization and Training, and CRM Consulting, which guides communities who are considering switching to a new CRM.

What started with just Kate, four clients and her weekly report, has grown into a team of six people working remotely from three different states, providing a variety of services to over 90 communities…but TRS is still delivering the original Kate Phelps Report to more than 50 communities from all across the country.

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