What People are Saying about Kate and her Team

"REPS is a good system and we have used it for years. I don’t think it provides good tools for analysis but Kate is the bridge that makes a good tool great. She is super easy to work with, has an unbelievable can-do attitude, and offers innovative and effective solutions to solve any issues we have." 

 - Felecia Sveda, Vice President, Marketing, Lenbrook

"Kate was the keynote speaker at our quarterly member meeting and was a pleasure. It’s rare to meet a “data driven” person that can present information in a really engaging and interesting way to salespeople like myself. She did a great job!"

- Megan Farber,
President of the MPRS Board (https://mprsociety.org)

"Since the day I met her at RLS, Kate has always been a great go-to person! She’s one of those unusual right brain/left brain people! She can write and edit beautifully and she can build the most helpful and detailed spreadsheets at the same time. Her work with me and Love & Company in creating excellent data analysis for our clients has made huge differences. I don’t like to share her but you’d be crazy not to get her to help you make REPS work for your organization."

-Susan Foley
VP, Sales Training at Love & Company

"I have worked with Kate Phelps for three years and I can personally attest to the enormous value her activity reports bring to the marketing effort. Her reports are comprehensive, clear and easy to read. For me, the reports have become an essential tool for monitoring sales and marketing productivity; sales coaching (they point clearly to weak areas) and forecasting. Kate is very hands on, bright and a sheer joy to work with."

- Martha Brennan, Marketing Consultant, Spectrum Consultants

“I really enjoyed Kate’s speaking session. It was so refreshing to hear another data guru provide a complete picture of how to use the information we've already been collecting! I had a huge “aha” moment regarding the length of time to sale. I quickly came back and added a field into Salesnet so we can sort by date of inquiry and call everyone who has been in our database less than 18 months or longer than 5 years. We’ve been tracking it, but not really doing anything productive with it.  Now, we can sort by the click of a button and it’s fabulous!  Thank you, Kate!”

- Kristin Hambleton, Director of Sales, Willow Valley Communities

"Kate Phelps saves my sales and marketing team lots of valuable time. Not only does John Knox Village get great information and accurate reports, we save more than two hours of team member’s time for each hour we pay Taylor Reporting Solutions. Personally, I probably save ten hours with her assistance preparing our annual marketing plan."

 - Mark Olson, former Director of Sales and Marketing, John Knox Village

"Kate's knowledge of Excel is unsurpassed. Her creative and analytical skills are second to none and I highly recommend Kate's services to any community on REPS that needs custom-designed reports.The value of her services will greatly outweigh the investment."

- Frank Birge, Owner, LeadTech Consulting


"Have I mentioned that you all are THE BEST?? Did you hear the latest note that went out to all the North Carolina marketing team members for CCRCs in NC? Someone sent a note out to the entire group seeking a bit of Reps assistance and training. My email was FLOODED in about 5 minutes with reply alls….”Just call Kate Phelps,”  “Call Kate Phelps – she is the best,” etc. etc. It was hilarious. The original sender had to send an email out to stop the multiple replies...basically saying 'Ok, ok, I get it, call Kate.'

Thanks for all you do."


- Morgan Lamphere, VP of Marketing,

RLA Inc.



"I've found Kate's reports to be an invaluable tool for monitoring marketing activity. They allow me to quickly review key performance indicators for individual marketing situations and compare current results with historic trends. The information is concise, accurate and standardized, which eliminates the all-too-common frustration of searching for missing data or deciphering overloaded spreadsheets. I've known Kate for the past six years and continue to be impressed with her integrity and attention to detail. She is a joy to work with!"  

- Heather Sarock Zoeller, Owner of CCRC Consulting

"I've worked with over 75 senior living communities during the past 26 years and Kate's reports are the best I've seen in the industry. They are well-designed and provide useful information and details that are easy to understand by all levels of management. At a glance, I get a thorough understanding of all marketing activity levels - what's working, lead generation, categories of all leads, etc. allowing us to analyze trends over the history of the project. This information empowers management and marketing leadership to encourage continued progress or the need to make changes. Kate's reports allow me to approach decisions based on the numbers, not just hearsay. They are a vital asset to any community."

 - Bobby Sumner, Principal, Retirement DYNAMICS

“Kate was referred to me by a trusted colleague. She developed a tracking worksheet for them that pulled data from REPS and we were looking for a way to do the same thing. When I think about the work Kate did, I think about the saying ‘Feed a man to fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.’ Kate could have done the work and charged us every time we needed an update, but instead, she taught me how to use key date rules in REPS and pivot tables to create the worksheet that would work for us. I really appreciate Kate's expertise, responsiveness and help to meet our needs over the long term.

  - Christine Tremain, Vice President of Marketing and Development, Wesley Homes

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